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New Kids Learn & Play Packs and Introductory Offer

We're excited to announce that we just completed uploading our first 8 game packs which include several worksheet and treasure hunt game bundles with unique custom clues that we're hoping our homeschoolers, teachers, and parents will appreciate, and their kids will have a blast with!

Also, Wonder 'n' Fun is pleased to offer a 50% off welcome discount through April 2016 to celebrate the grand opening of our new site and allow new visitors to try out one or several of our learn & play fun packs or themed party treasure hunts. 

Just click "add to cart" under the bundle or game you'd like to try, and enter the code "WELCOME." This code only applies to the purchase of only one pack at a time, but you can come back and re-use it on any product til the end of April.  Keep an eye on our Freebies page for more details and new offers.

So we hope you all have a great time and HAPPY HUNTING!

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