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Creative Kids Treasure Hunt Clue Contest 2016

In addition to our ongoing free sample and discount offers, WonderNFun launched on March 15, 2016 a Creative Kids Treasure Hunt Clue Contest.  The talented winners will receive a free treasure hunt game or activity pack of their choice, a printable award certificate, and their winning entries will be highlighted on our website.

Contestants ages 5-13 may submit up to 3 entries each that must consist of a 4-line rhyming clue that describes a common object found at home, school, indoors or outdoors. Each of the clues must be very short in length (see the sample clue below from one of our treasure hunts). We will choose the ten best clues - five from the 5-8 age group and five from the 9-13 age group. All entries must be received by April 30, 2016 and will become the property of WonderNFun. We will not sell or publish personal information except for announcing winners' first name, last initial, age group, and city.

To enter, please send us an email with your entry submissions. In the subject line type "Kids Clue Contest Entries," include up to three 4-line clue entries, and your contact information (full name, age, home address, email, and phone). Winning entries will be chosen and published on the WonderNFun web site by June 1, 2016.

Best wishes to all of our young clever clue masters out there & have fun!!!

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