Wonder N Fun

Kids Printable Party, Educational, & Treasure Hunt Games - Play, Explore, Learn Now!

Wonder N Fun strives to provide unique and creative printable party games and learning materials that are engaging, educational, and truly fun!  Our activity packs are designed to encourage homeschoolers, parents, and teachers to challenge kids to think more critically beyond what might be traditional curriculum, while still overlapping with it, and combining play that focuses on exploring wonderful facts that makes kids question and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Worksheet or lesson completion by students is typically followed by a game such as an exciting, fast-paced interactive treasure hunt to test what they've learned, but also to enhance social, imaginative, and problem-solving skills.  Research has shown that kids are capable of much more than many realize, and by making learning more amazing, surprising, and exciting, it can help motivate children to want to learn in the future, to participate more fully in their communities, and reach the great potential they are all capable of.

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